32 Cabinet Remodel

$19,000 This kitchen featured 32 glass cabinets, about twice the normal large kitchens that we work with. Kitchen designed and expertly installed with granite countertops for only 19k.

Large Kitchen Remodel with Heavy Customization

$18300 Sandy Springs home on Bridgwater. Over 120 sq. ft. of upgraded granite. Double 50 qt. trash pull, spice pull, wooden lz susan, 2 baths, wine bars. Island seats 6, seedy glass door cabinets. This was done in our Charleston White.

Charleston Cherry Kitchen

$14,500 Charleston Cherry Kitchen in Sandy Springs. Cabinets, granitetops including island. Fully custom kitchen. $14500 with granite.

Shaker Dove Cabinetry w/ Grey Island

$14,000 Our new Shaker Dove cabinetry with a Shaker Grey Island. The granite has a leather finish.

Charleston White with a Charleston Saddle island

$17,000 Charleston White with a Charleston Saddle island. Job completed with new cabinetry and granite.